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NiceHCK M6 - An IEM with a customizable sound signature


The NiceHCK M6 is a all metal IEM with a customizable sound signature. The primary sound signature is a U shaped sound but because it can be customized you can tune it to your liking. The M6 has ability to be able to remove the filter in the nozzle to change how it sounds. So if a transforming IEM sounds cool to you then keep reading for a more in depth review. 


Since these have 3 filters this mean depending on which filter you use you will get different results. Using the neutral or stock filter the highs are nice and lack any simbilence or piercing sounds. There is a roll off in the upper regions that gives it a warmer treble with slight detail loss. If however you want a brighter treble then screw on the silver filter and bam instantly bright and detailed highs. Want an even darker sound signature add the gold filter. 


The mids are just perfect they really do a great job of presenting the singers voice in the perfect way. The way the mids are done I feel that I am listening to the vocals in the most natural way. The silver filter pushes the mids into the upper region slightly while the gold filter makes the mids slightly recessed. Neither do any thing massive to the mids signature. The sound stage is large but but not huge more large room size but not concert hall sized. The imaging however is excellent and I can easily pick out the position of each one. 


Once again this will depend on what filter you pick. With the stock filter the bass is nice and balanced. There are low frequency notes but the majority of the bass is in the mid bass region that does extend up into the mid range slightly. This along with a slightly sloppy sound gives the quantity over quality feeling. The bass is good and the pronounced mid bass does make for a nice mid range but sometimes I wish it hit lower and have me more sub bass for that rumble in my music. The silver filter takes away from the bass a little. While the gold is technically the filter to increase the bass the filter actually cuts all the higher frequencies which makes you tend to turn the music a little giving you the sense you have more bass kinda a mind trick.

Fit and Quality:

The quality is very nice with an all metal shell and nice stock cable. The M6 also includes a multitude of tips, a nice case, and of course the filters. The fit is pretty good not the best they feel nice in the ear but due to the smooth slightly rounded metal shell they sometimes slide out. Overall though they are very premium feeling and when they are in your ears they are very comfortable and easily wearable for hours.


The M6 is a great all around IEM that has absolutely great sounding mids. The ability to change filters is great for finding your favorite sound signature and you can even use the filters from the LZ A5 for even more tuning options. The mids have a great sound signature in which you can tune the rest of the sound around.

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