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TRN IM1 Review

Introduction: Hey guys it's been a few weeks since my last review I've been busy. Since things are getting busy and there aren't as many new iems coming out right now I'm going to be pushing reviews out two weeks apart unless something changes. The wait for the next review however is over. The headphone I will be reviewing this week is the TRN IM1. The IM1 is an interesting IEM for just $30 you get an IEM that's actually resin molded something usually only seen on higher end IEM's.

Highs: The TRN IM1 is very pleasing to listen too with only the very occasional hint of simbilance showing up. They manage to bring a good amount of detail without any harshness or fatiguing sound. This is due to the slight darkness present in the upper regions but not enough to obscure details. This gives the listener an IEM that won't cause them fatigue. 
Mids:The mids on these are good they aren't recessed sounding like some IEM's in this price range. They provide a …

NiceHCK M6 - An IEM with a customizable sound signature

Introduction: The NiceHCK M6 is a all metal IEM with a customizable sound signature. The primary sound signature is a U shaped sound but because it can be customized you can tune it to your liking. The M6 has ability to be able to remove the filter in the nozzle to change how it sounds. So if a transforming IEM sounds cool to you then keep reading for a more in depth review. 

Highs: Since these have 3 filters this mean depending on which filter you use you will get different results. Using the neutral or stock filter the highs are nice and lack any simbilence or piercing sounds. There is a roll off in the upper regions that gives it a warmer treble with slight detail loss. If however you want a brighter treble then screw on the silver filter and bam instantly bright and detailed highs. Want an even darker sound signature add the gold filter. 
Mids: The mids are just perfect they really do a great job of presenting the singers voice in the perfect way. The way the mids are done I fee…

KZ ZS7 Review - More good stuff from KZ

Introduction: The KZ ZSN was what I would consider a turning point for KZ. Gone are the days of shrill piercing highs that made them painful to listen to. Many people complained about issues with the highs on the ZS6 but KZ has had a revitalization and is now making exceptional IEMs for good prices again. Wondering just how good the new IEM sounds read on to find out.

Highs: Props to KZ they listened to peoples complaints and actually fixing their issues. The ZS7 doesn't suffer from the piercing highs that many in KZ's lineup did. The rolled off the treble earlier which keeps any form of sibilance or piercing from being produced which is good. I think they could have rolled it off slightly earlier just to give it some more detail but I would rather have a little less detail than piercing. 
Mids: The mids are nice but nothing is standing out to me either good or  bad. They have a good amount of detail retrieval in the vocals due to a little bit of sparkle in the upper mids. Th…