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Yinyoo Pro - A look back on a year of Chi-Fi


The Yinyoo Pro is an interesting IEM to review right now. Its interesting because this IEM came out just a few days past 1 year ago and really represents how much Chi-Fi has grown and matured in just a year. Just a year a go these were known as one of the top budget IEMs but now even cheaper IEMs are better. However this doesn't mean these are bad not at all they aren't bad at all but I'll get to that in a bit but first the sound review.


These actually sound pretty decent but I wouldn't call them great. This IEM is definitely V shaped so they do have elevated highs. However they are not piercing to me in any way. The highs are controlled and have a nice brightness without being fatiguing even for long periods of  listening. Now your probably thinking that sounds great a brighter sounding headphone without being fatiguing well it does sound good except it doesn't do anything with that to wow me. Don't get me wrong its good just not wowing. I feel they missed the mark by not allowing the highs to have any defining moments. Everything just sounds like they just boosted the highs a tad and didn't add any emotion into them. 


The mids are nice they aren't as recessed as some V shaped IEMs are and have a nice warm very slightly bright sound to them. Even though there is some brightness in them they managed to not introduce any sibilance to the mids. They are interesting in the since that once again they implementation of brightness doesn't do anything. You really have to pay attention to tell the mids are elevated. The touch of brightness doesn't do much to elevate or give an airiness to them and this can be bad or good depending on how you look at it. Good in the sense it gives you a much more neutral tone and bad in the since it doesn't give you that fun sound you normally get from a V shaped IEM. The sound stage and imaging isn't great if I am being honest. They really make it feel like the music is barely outside your head. They don't do too great with image separation either not bad but with lots going on it can get congested.  


The lows are interesting on these mainly because it's focused on the mid bass. This means you get a bloated sound in the bass that you usually get with something like say a pair of beats. You never feel the bass you only hear it and there is some bleed into the mids. Overall they have impact but not the feel for the impact they give it's definitely a bloated mid bass sound signature. 

Fit and Quality:

These actually fit pretty decently and the foam ear tips that come with them are very soft. They are comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. They come with the usual assortment of ear tips but the foam ones are above average for cheap IEMs. Now I've seen some bad cables and this is by far the worst one. It's very thin so thin I feel I could take one end in each hand and pull and it would break pretty easy. 


Now your probably thinking why in the world would you review these they don't sound that great at all and your right they arn't amazing at all. The reason is two fold one that's the IEM you the readers picked for review. If you want to vote on the next review go to the top of the page and click on the link that says "Vote for the next IEM review". The second reason is since this is the first review of a new year I though it would be interesting to look back at what Chi-Fi was like a year ago. It's crazy to see how far the industry has come. The price to performance you can get from Chi-Fi now is absolutely insane. 

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