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NiceHCK EP10 Review - It's kinda an earbud

Introduction: The NiceHCK EP10 could be classified as an earbud but could also be called an IEM it's kinda a combination. The EP10 screams value though with it's all metal shell and hefty weight. It has a very premium feel and a good sound to go along with it. Just how good does this thing sound well read on to find out.
Highs: They have a warm/neutral sound to them that leans more toward the neutral side. This means they still do a good job of producing details in the high frequencies while not becoming sibilant or piercing. The slightly warmer sound makes them enjoyable for long listening periods. 
Mids: The bass bleed actually helps in this situation because it adds a nice warmth to the mids. This makes for a great sound signature for male vocals however the female vocals do seem to lack some sparkle but are still very nice. This is due to that slightly warm sound signature. The EP10 does tend to be recessed but still nice for the price. The sound stage is good but not exp…

CCA C04 - The beginners IEM

Introduction: I know what your thinking another CCA review really? Yes really as long as CCA keeps making good IEMs I'll keep reviewing them also ya'll voted for it. The CCA  C04 is the first IEM CCA released under their name and it's pretty good for a their first one. This IEM really manages to bring the bass while still being a capable IEM.

Highs: Now these are interesting little IEMs when it comes to the treble. They contain a ba (balanced armature) driver in the stem of the EIM, now this usually means you will get some bright treble. With these you don't get that piercing treble you actually get rolled off highs. This means it lacks that  nice sparkle you usually get in the highs with Chi-Fi but you also don't get any piercing highs which is a plus in my book. Like I said before I'm not a fan of piercing highs. 
Mids: Another weaker area for the IEM but still not bad. The mids are similar to the highs in that they are toned down and lack sparkle in them. T…

CCA C10 Review - A better KZ ZSN

Introduction: If you read my review of the KZ ZSN you know how good those sounded for the price. Well imagine an even better version. What if I told you those existed? Well they do and they are called the CCA C10. These deliver a great balance across the frequencies that is shocking for their price. Do they take the crown as the best under $50? Well read on to find out.

Highs:  These are exactly what I look for in IEM when it comes to treble. Something that's not lacking in treble but doesn't over do it. These are refined and present. It's treble in a manner you would want it to sound like. They have this airiness to them that contains a touch of sparkle but the airiness doesn't come completely from that sparkle. The best way to describe it is that the treble has a bit of bite to it but nothing that would cause fatigue or harshness. 
Mids: The mids are very similar to the ZSN but more refined and without the bass bleed. They have a forward but not far sound to them th…

Yinyoo Pro - A look back on a year of Chi-Fi

Introduction: The Yinyoo Pro is an interesting IEM to review right now. Its interesting because this IEM came out just a few days past 1 year ago and really represents how much Chi-Fi has grown and matured in just a year. Just a year a go these were known as one of the top budget IEMs but now even cheaper IEMs are better. However this doesn't mean these are bad not at all they aren't bad at all but I'll get to that in a bit but first the sound review.

Highs: These actually sound pretty decent but I wouldn't call them great. This IEM is definitely V shaped so they do have elevated highs. However they are not piercing to me in any way. The highs are controlled and have a nice brightness without being fatiguing even for long periods of  listening. Now your probably thinking that sounds great a brighter sounding headphone without being fatiguing well it does sound good except it doesn't do anything with that to wow me. Don't get me wrong its good just not wowing. …