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TRN v80 Review - 4 drivers for less than $30

This weeks review is on the TRN v80. This IEM was chosen for review by the people who participated in the IEM review poll. If you would like to vote on next weeks IEM click the link at the top where it says "Vote for the next IEM review" to vote. The TRN v80 was actually my first foray into the Chi-Fi scene and going back to them after hearing many others is interesting and eye opening. The 4 driver IEM is a great value for $27 dollars and can be considered a pioneer in the world of budget multi driver IEM's. 


This would be the area I consider the weakest for the IEM. This is definitely a V shaped IEM and it shows in the highs. There are definitely moments of harsh treble and sibilance that can cause some discomfort on particular treble happy songs or if your sensitive to treble. I like them most of the time but I do occasionally think it's a bit much. However the brightness does make these IEM's very energetic and fun sounding and kinda helps the overall vibe of the sound signature. 


The mids are nice sounding actually not as recessed as some V shaped IEM's but I woudn't say its amazing. They do have some feeling of distance to them. The sound signature of the mids along with the lows which I'll address in a second is really what makes these good. It's an interesting thing to try and describe they have an almost addictive sound quality to them. You have fun listening to them without feeling like your sacrificing sound quality to get that fun sound. The mids have an airiness almost joyful sound to them its hard to describe but the best way is that you get a smile on your face when you listen to them. The sound stage is nice and it's actually fairly expansive. Imaging is also nice on them with clear instrument separation. 


Like I said before the lows make up part of this great sound signature. The key however is turning up the volume. I found I liked the volume a little higher than normal with these because it actually brought the lows up a notch to match the rest of the frequencies. When listening to them at elevated volume levels the bass is actually nice and prominent and delivers a  nice punch to the music. You wouldn't think something with a lack of sub bass would satisfy a bass head but the quality of bass these produce for the price is outstanding. It just does bass really well and for an IEM lacking some sub bass its impressive.

Fit and Quality:

These fit really nice in my ears due to the rounded all metal shell design. The quality of the IEM's is also really good for the price it's a nice metal shell with enough weight to feel premium but light enough to feel nice in the ear. The cable is decent I wish they didn't have such a low Y split in the cable or had added a chin slider to the cable. The quality of the cables is nice with a rubber coating on the cable giving it a nice quality feel. The ear tips they come with aren't bad either. 


For $27 they are an impressive IEM with some downfalls. The overall sound signature of the IEM is really nice to listen to but if you don't like treble ovoid them. The sound stage is nice and wide with great musical separation. They also have slightly recessed but airy and nice sounding mids. They do need the volume to be elevated to get the most out of the bass but once that's done they deliver great quality bass for the price. The build quality is also great and for $27 you can't go wrong. 

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