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KZ ZSN Review - These can't be less than $20

Introduction:  These can't be less than $20 was the first thing I thought when I put them on. These punch way above their price bracket and also pack a punch in the bass department but I'll get into the sound in a second. The KZ ZSN is a new IEM from KZ and are one of those hidden gems you have to have. There are some people on audio forms that have bought multiple pairs just to have them that's how much they are liked. Enough with the hype train lets dive into the review.

Highs: These are lively sounding IEMs that give that sparkle that sounds very pleasing when listening to music. They have a nice brightness to them without having lots of sibilance or harshness. There were a few times when I noticed some harshness or sibilance in the treble and felt the need to turn it down. Except for those few instances though it sounded great. KZ did great with the Highs with this one by presenting a bright and lively sound without the extreme harshness you normally get, impressive c…

RevoNext QT2 Review - A well rounded IEM for a bass head under $50

Today I am reviewing the RevoNext QT2 another great sounding IEM with some serious bass and sound stage. RevoNext is an interesting company. They manufacture their stuff in China, design them in Stockholm Sweden, and have a USA support center and address. Technically they are Chi-fi but really you could call them the international headphones with all the connections this company has to different parts of the world. The QT2 also looks very similar to the Campfire Andromeda. After that interesting background you are probably wondering how they sound read on to find out.


This pair of IEMs has a nice sound in the highs that makes music sound bright but not painful. I found adding foam ear tips helped tame some of the piercing I got but it didn't completely remove it. In some tracks I still hear it every so often. This really only seems to happen on songs with a tendency to be hot in the treble region or if there is a lot of it. Without foam ear tips I did notice it was a littl…

Follow me on Instagram @ramenaudio

Hey guys I recently created an Instagram account @ramenaudio where you can follow me to keep up with any audio related stuff. I will be posting things like pictures of new IEMs I receive, reviews in progress, when new reviews are posted, what new IEMs are out, and anything else budget audio related. The discord chat didn't really seem to take off so I thought this would be a better way to connect with my readers. This is a great way to keep up with everything happening with my website and find out about new stuff in the Chi-Fi world.

TRN v80 Review - 4 drivers for less than $30

This weeks review is on the TRN v80. This IEM was chosen for review by the people who participated in the IEM review poll. If you would like to vote on next weeks IEM click the link at the top where it says "Vote for the next IEM review" to vote. The TRN v80 was actually my first foray into the Chi-Fi scene and going back to them after hearing many others is interesting and eye opening. The 4 driver IEM is a great value for $27 dollars and can be considered a pioneer in the world of budget multi driver IEM's. 
This would be the area I consider the weakest for the IEM. This is definitely a V shaped IEM and it shows in the highs. There are definitely moments of harsh treble and sibilance that can cause some discomfort on particular treble happy songs or if your sensitive to treble. I like them most of the time but I do occasionally think it's a bit much. However the brightness does make these IEM's very energetic and fun sounding and kinda helps the overall…

EZAudio D4 Review - A stunning $10 pair of earbuds

The D4 headphones are an absolute gem for the bargain asking price of only $10. Will they blow you away will earth shaking bass no. Will tickle your ears with soothing vocals nope. Will they allow you to hear beautifully rendered sparkling highs not really. Well then why are these things so special. I'll tell you why they price you won't find anything with this great of sound for this low of a price. Before I dive into the review there is one thing I need to get out of the way. The stock ear tips are trash absolutely horrible and the dude who decided to use them should be fired. To really get the best out of the earbuds (or earphones whichever you call them) you'll want some wide bore foam tips. Luckily a single set on Ali will only set you back about 80 cents. The reason you want to do this is you want something that covers the bass vent at the bottom and is not narrow to keep it from sounding boomy. 
If you look at the picture to the left you can see the small vent hole …