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BQEYZ BQ3 Review - 5 drivers under $60!

Today I am reviewing the BQEYZ BQ3 to find out if a 5 driver IEM for under $60 can deliver high quality audio or if the amount of drivers compromises on the sound quality.


These deliver nice highs with little worry about piercing highs. The BQ3 delivers nice detail in the upper regions with a slight roll off at the top. This is what helps not get those piercing highs that creates unpleasantness with some Chi-Fi IEMs. They have a very good frequency signature in the highs that creates a very pleasant sound. This makes them very slightly above the T2 in the quality of the high frequency range.


This is where they falter a bit. The mids are good but not that great. It does a great job at proving good imaging and allowing the listener to hear where the sound is coming from. The mids do however sound slightly recessed compared to the rest of the frequency range. I find myself wanting the IEMs with maybe 1 or 2 more decibels in the mid frequency range to balance it out.


Wow these things go low low low to the point that you feel the rumble in songs. Is this a bad thing? Well it can be if it's not composed and spills over into the rest of the song. Thankfully these are able to stay well composed in low frequencies with only a very slight low end leakage into the mids. But it's nothing horrendous at all nor is it something that ruins the mids. They are very nice to listen to with rap and rock songs. You really feel the bass without loosing the rest of the musical notes. For a basshead like me this is a welcome change of pace. Especially compared to some headphones that blow the bass completely out of proportion to get that low end rumble.

Fit and quality:

Meh to good the reason I say that is because the tips they came with are trash. It took a little bit of testing to find tips that fit them well (make sure to get wide bore tips to get the most out of the bass). I ended up using some very soft foam ones to really get a good fit. The reason you want something like foam that conforms to your ear is because they kinda just sit in your ear. This makes them feel very light weight but also prone to falling out if you don't have the proper tip. This fit also makes them have ok sound isolation not bad not great though. The quality is very good with a metal case surrounding the drivers. This creates a premium feel but I just wish it had more weight to it because sometimes I feel I'm holding metal coated plastic. Also the cable is actually pretty nice for a stock cable.


To sum it up the sound quality is definitely a v shape but it doesn't really mess up either side of the frequency range. This creates a nice sounding IEM that bass heads will love and will still prove excellent sound quality. The only thing keeping them from taking that coveted budget IEM crown from the T2 is the mids. I actually have the new BQEYZ KB100 on the way to me right now and I'm hoping they can fix the recessed mids of the BQ3. If they do manage to do that they will certainly become the budget Chi-Fi champs but until then the BQ3 is an excellent IEM from BQEYZ. It fell just short of taking the crown from the T2. It will still please many people who love a v shaped sound signature but don't want to compromise too much on the quality of those frequencies. So yes the saying that less is more is still relevant for IEMs. Still the 5 drivers did a wonderful job of delivering great sounding audio on a budget and giving bassheads an IEM to be proud of.

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